Alex Blouin

How would you describe your photo style?

Direct, vibrant et funny sometimes.

How does the collab fit into your execution?

I like to photograph new places, work with inspiring people and meet new people. This collab fits perfectly from that perspective. And I love beer as well.

Which shot best represents Drav’s vibe in your opinion?

Tough question. For the few people who will read these lines, it is important to point out that this shoot was right after the first canning in the history of Drav. I think the image is even more interesting because it was also the first time someone ever held the final product in hand.

How and where do you personally drink your Drav?

I enjoy sharing it with friends at the Champ des Possibles in late afternoon or at an after party at 4 am.

Do you have any ideas for a future collab with Drav?

After the brewery’s visit, I thought we should show the human side of this major project. Starting with the designers, then the brewers and the deliverymen, I would capture the whole range of occupations that make Drav what it really is.

Cheers @Alexblouin!