Mathieu Dionne

How would you describe your illustrations style in general?

I would say eclectic because I don’t really like to do the same thing from one project to another. I try to get different influences and references to produce some sort of unique combination. These days, I tend to create quite simple compositions and I try to work my color palette to get interesting contrasts.I love the clear line, which is a comics style mostly associated to Tintin (simple linework and flat colors).


I grew up reading old Belgian comics, so I guess it stood in my unconscious. Right now, I’m trying new things with a thicker line, rougher than what is usually associated to the clear line, while keeping the flat colors. I like it when the lines are hooked a little and the colors stick out for a less meticulous style. It looks more like me when it’s not too neat.

How does the collab fit into your execution?

Like I said, I grew up reading my dad’s old comics. I’m currently working on a comics project for a client and I realize this is something that I want to do even more. For the collab with Drav, I jumped at the opportunity and created a short 3 panels comics, just like the good old Garfield and Peanuts. However, in mine, there are no words.

How and where do you personally drink your Drav?

After a day of basketball with friends at Sœur-Madeleine-Gagnon Park on St-Laurent in Little Italy, nothing feels better than opening a cold beer.

Do you have any ideas for a future Drav x Mathieu Dionne collab?

I always have plenty of ideas in mind. It could be a comics or an illustration about the NBA playoffs. The possibilities are endless!

Cheers @mathieudionne!